Landscape Design

Natural. Functional. Beautiful. From the beginning.

Green Kare Landscaping views landscape design and construction as an art form.

We pioneered the use of hardscapes in landscape design, using different types of natural stone to add elevation and dimension to a property creating a look that is natural yet well-maintained. By incorporating the surrounding habitat, we seek to create a sanctuary for our clients from everyday life stresses by uniting them with nature.

We consider every nuance of a client's home or office and property to achieve their ultimate vision of their future outdoor living environment. We also take into consideration our client's interior design, life styles, and/or professional needs during the design process. Ultimately, we design natural, functional landscapes that complement the architecture of a client's home or business and enhance the beauty of their property.Constant innovation and attention to our client's enjoyment and satisfaction are cornerstones of our business philosophy. Further, we seek to enhance the inherent appeal and value of a client's property by improving its curb appeal and resale value while contributing to the betterment of the community.

Landscape Construction

With nearly thirty years of experience.

Green Kare Landscaping is capable of handling any size landscaping construction project for both residential and commercial properties. Following the conceptual design phase and presentation and receipt of necessary approvals, a set of construction drawings including layout, grading and drainage, hard surfaces unique to each property, irrigation, and lighting are produced, and our work begins.

Throughout the process, our design team is in constant communication with our client to ensure the construction phase of each project is a seamless effort.

We are respectful, and flexible in our approach, easily accommodating changes and challenges as they arise.

The result: construction that is completed on time, within budget, and guaranteed for the life of your contract, as long as we continue to perform maintenance on the property.