Tree Care

Many of our clients' properties have well-established trees. We pride ourselves in our ability to revitalize established trees; we enjoy contributing to the extension of their lives. We do this by cleaning up their crowns, removing dead wood, properly trimming them according to their species, and fertilizing them with our own specially blended brand of fertilizer. This results in healthy trees that have a clean, fresh new look.

We also remove dead trees to prevent insect infestation of healthy trees and provide stump grinding and tree relocation service.

Desease and Pest Control

Green Kare Landscaping Inc. Provides a complete fertilization program and disease, insect, goose, and deer control as part of our full-service maintenance contracts.

We fertilize all plant material throughout the season using our own fertilizer brand and program that are second to none. Each year, we apply 4-5 dry applications of time-release fertilizer to each property we service. Our fertilization objective is to maintain all turf areas in a manner that will present healthy lawns, uniform in color, and all turf and plant material weed and pest-free.

Our goose and deer control substances are humane, non-lethal sprayed materials designed to simply persuade wildlife to feed elsewher. We also cover plant materials as necessary and employ other proven, humane means of discouraging wildlife destruction of client-owned property and vegetation.