We all know spring is on its way when bulbs are blooming. When the weather finally breaks allowing us to leisurely stroll outdoors again and enjoy the scenery, no home or business property should be without this welcoming sign of spring. That's why we design and install bulbs in mass or small quantities for our clients who appreciate the fresh, colorful beauty of their flowers.


With nearly thirty years of experience cultivating plants and flowers, we are truly outdoor floral experts, leading the industry in growing unique flower varieties and custom blends.

We incorporate both annuals and perennials into our flower design. While most illinois landscape companies buy out-of-state, all of our own annuals are grown in illinois specifically for our clients. Green Kare Landscape's grower is just minutes away from our office, allowing us the flexibility to easily monitor our annuals during the growing process, inspect them for overall quality, and offer them to our clients on a custom-order basis.

We hand-select our own perennials and do order out-of-state for special and unique varieties of perennials. Perennial gardens are custom-designed to be one-of-a-kind and can be combined with annuals, trees, shrubs, hardscapes, and water features for a highly personalized look.

Our goal is to make your property uniquely beautifull, exceeding your expectations.

Specialty Gardens

One of the most delightful aspects of owning property is growing your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs, or any number of specialty gardens. The fresh taste and texture of food prepared with just-cut ingredients in remarkable and an experience your family and friends will relish.

We can create a design that allows certain vegetables and almost all herbs to be incorporated directly into perennial beds. We can also design specialty gardens for attracting birds and butterflies, a night garden for moonlit strolls by heavily-scented Admiral Phlox and other moon garden flowers, a "cutting" garden for beautiful bouquets throughout the summer, or a drying garden for everlasting flowers.

A special project garden for your children to grow food for donation or use in their science and home economics classes can be created . Or a "secret garden" filled with arbors, plants trained to form serpents and guards, and doorways made of iron trellises to lead your children down another path, through another story. You can make your garden and adventure everyone will look forward to each year.


At Green Kare Landscaping, we place significant importance on our selection of plants.

We use local nurseries and handpick all of our materials. When selecting trees for a property, we choose those that provide special interest, shade, privacy, framing, neighbor-friendly living fences, focal points, and creative.

We truly view trees as living art.